Super Administration Services

The superannuation administration arm of DDH Graham Limited was established in 1997, and now has over 100,000 members under administration.

We have established ourselves as a specialist provider of superannuation administration services to a variety of superannuation funds, trustees, employers, adviser networks, and fund members. These include boutique funds for high net worth individuals to larger member number industry type funds.

We partner with trustees and promoters to assist them in delivering targeted and leading-edge superannuation and investment products to their markets. With a focus on providing innovative and personalised services, we utilise the latest technology, combined with a highly skilled team of administration staff, to create a tailored solution for superannuation accumulation and pension accounts, and for IDPS/MIS products.

To find out more please download our
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We deliver the full suite of services covering:

Superannuation Fund Member Administration

Performance Reporting

Investment Administration and Reporting

Unit Pricing

Fund Accounting

Unit Registry

Tax Reporting

Regulatory and Compliance Reporting

Trustee, Adviser and Custodian Liaison

Where our clients wish to manage some of the services themselves,
we can partner with them to supply a specific set of modules.